Trees & Shrubs

Though there can be perfectly attractive landscapes without trees and shrubs, most property owners can’t imagine their yards and certainly not their gardens without them. Well cared for trees and shrubs can live for centuries and can be passed down from one generation to the next. The good news is that most trees and shrubs are easy to take care of. Our professionals at Mystic Mountain Landscapes in Rapid City are happy to assist with all aspects of tree and shrub care from planting to pruning and maintenance.

Tree & Shrub Planting

At Mystic Mountain Landscape, we are happy to help with the decisions of where to plant your trees & shrubs and which type of trees would best fit with your landscape.  There are many things to consider when adding trees and shrubs to your landscape such as how big they will grow, how close together to plant, what kind of soil/fertilizer each requires.  Mystic Mountain Landscape can discuss all your options and help choose the best trees and shrubs to enhance your landscape. Once you make the decision to plant a tree or several trees, let Mystic Mountain handle the planting. Our professionals know the proper way to plant a tree to ensure the best chance of getting your tree off to a good start!

trees & shrubs


Mulching is important to help maintain the health of your plants. Mulch can be made of a variety of materials, including pine needles, rotted leaves, pebbles, wood chips, black plastic and old coffee beans. There can even be green mulches made of ground covers. Mulches keep roots cool during the summer, suppress weeds and lock in water. Let the professionals at Mystic  Mountain Landscapes handle your mulching to ensure that you get the proper amount of mulch around your plants so they do not become damaged.


Pruning keeps trees and shrubs attractive and healthy. It also stimulates the tree or shrub into producing flowers. Tree & shrub pruning is best done in the winter when the plants are dormant. However, if there are damaged or diseased limbs they should be removed right away. If the plant blooms in the spring and summer, the flowers should be removed when they start to wilt. Fallen leaves, flowers and fruit should be regularly cleaned up. One caveat is that different flowering shrubs are best pruned at different times of the year. Shrubs such as hydrangeas, crape myrtle and sourwood should be pruned in the winter or very early spring, while shrubs such as dogwoods, mountain laurel and spirea should be pruned right after they flower. Our professionals have the proper knowledge and tools to keep your trees and shrubs looking fabulous year round. 

For more information about tree & shrub pruning, planting and care, contact us today at 605-716-6385.