Sprinkler Service


At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, our goal is to keep your outdoor areas looking clean and beautiful. Correct watering and maintenance of your grass and plants is important to the health of your landscaping. Mystic Mountain Landscapes will help you with the best plan and sprinkler service to keep your irrigation system running efficiently.  We want to keep your yard looking its best and save you money in the long run.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation & Service

At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, our goal is to not only create a stunning outdoor space, but also to make sure area remains stunning. The proper irrigation of your grass and plants is important to the health of your lawn and landscaping.

At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, we specialize in top quality sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair. Our trained irrigation professionals set up and test your lawn irrigation system to help keep your lawn healthy throughout the growing season. Proper irrigation will ensure root growth to help your plants survive the harsh South Dakota climate.   If you have brown spots in your lawn, let us explain how we can fix the problem.  We may even be able to update your system to conserve water and save you money.  We offer competitive rates and free sprinkler system evaluations.

Sprinkler Design & Installation

At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, we have years of experience and a trained team of technicians that use the latest proven technology to install your irrigation system.

A properly designed and installed irrigation system will:

  • conserve water
  • provide even coverage
  • create a more disease lawn
  • encourage proper root development
  • create a more weather tolerant lawn
  • save you money

At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, we will design, configure, and install your new lawn irrigation system or repair your old system with minimal disruption to your lawn.


Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, Mystic Mountain Landscapes is here to help. We pay attention to detail and offer complete and timely services at an affordable price. Our mission is to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, while providing the best possible customer service. Contact us today to set up an installation appointment or to learn more!

Sprinkler Service & Repair

Did you know that lawn sprinkler systems require periodic maintenance and repairs to continue to operate at optimal efficiency? From minor repairs and troubleshooting to full system upgrades, our team of professional technicians can help solve your lawn irrigation problems.  Regular service on your system keeps it in top operating condition and will make the system last longer.  Damaged sprinkler systems can result in damaged landscapes, loss of water, and even severe property damage. At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, making sure your irrigation system is in proper operating condition is one of our major priorities. We want your outdoor space to be something that you can be proud of. Contact us today or fill out the form to request an appointment with us!

Sprinkler Winterization

Why You Need To Winterize

Winterizing your sprinkler system keeps the pipes from freezing during the winter months. Freezing sprinkler pipes can cause massive damage to your home or business and the sprinkler system. Living in South Dakota where the temperatures are constantly changing, it absolutely necessary to winterize your system every fall.

Winterization & Blowout

  • We will turn off your water to ensure that your systems are shut down properly.

  • We will blow out each and every zone of your system, one zone at a time, and remove any excess water that is in your lines.

  • If further service is required and repairs are needed, we will recommend immediate or spring “fixes” and give you an estimate.


Spring Start-up

When freezing is no longer an issue it's time to turn on your system and start watering again!  It is always best to call us for start a sprinkler system after winterizing. 

  • We take extra care to make sure your pipes and irrigation components are not damaged. 

  • We turn on a sprinkler system water on slowly. 

  • The system is checked for leaks and proper function.  

  • Service that was noted in the fall can be completed at this time.

  • Zones, coverage, and watering times can be adjusted at this time also.

All you need to do now is fertilize and get ready to mow or have us do that for you!