Sod & Hydroseeding

Mystic Mountain Landscaping can start your yard off right with the finest in sod and hydroseeding. We offer locally grown native grasses of various types.  One of the main keys to establishing a healthy turf is proper soil preparation prior to hydroseeding or sodding.  Mystic Mountain Landscapes performs soil preparation, erosion control, sodding, hydroseeding, and drill seeding of drought resistant turf grasses, native grasses, and wildflowers for commercial and residential customers.

Locally Grown Sod

Why choose sod over dropping seed?

  • Sod will establish itself and create a usable space faster than seed.
  • Sod will be resist weeds faster than seeded lawn.
  • Laying sod will minimize dust while you can wait weeks or even months for seed.
  • Sod can minimize stormwater runoff and provide substantial erosion control.

At Mystic Mountain Landscapes, we lay locally grown sod that is comprised of  Thermal Blue Bluegrass blends. This is a hi-bred blend of top quality bluegrasses.   The benefits of using sod grown with Thermal Bluegrass is deeper roots, long season color with early spring green up, rapid recovery from stress or injury, better heat and drought tolerance, and denser turf for better tolerance to traffic and shade. Studies show that HBG’s are more drought resistant and require less water than other varieties including tall fescue blends.


Why choose sod that has been grown locally?

  • Sod grown on native soils adapt and establish roots quicker.
  • A shorter period from harvest at the farm to being placed at your location means a fresher, healthier product.
  • Avoid introducing new pests or weed varieties into your turf.
  • Supporting your local economy.
  • The money you spend goes toward a higher quality sod, not shipping costs.


Hydroseeding is also referred as liquid sod, spray on grass, spray on lawns or spray on sod. Hydroseeding consists of using a custom premium seed mix, 100% wood fiber mulch, and tackifier when needed, water and fertilizer mixed in a hydroseeding machine to form a perfect slurry. The slurry is sprayed, under pressure, uniformly onto the prepared soil to start a beautiful lawn mowing in 21 days weather permitting. This slurry is a high quality, custom-blended, drought tolerant Blue Grass.  Hydroseeding and liquid soil is an alternative to sod.